Friday, January 20, 2006

Gold Star Wife by L. K. Campbell

TITLE: Gold Star Wife
AUTHOR: L. K. Campbell
PRICE: book $9.99, download $1.37
ISBN: #1-4116-4965-6

It is a sad fact that many romance writers use history as a sort of unconvincing studio set against which to set their overblown adventures and jarringly modern heroines. I was thrilled to find that, in contrast, L. K. Campbell has written a genuine historical love story--the people, events and plot submerged me in the post WWII period. She has managed to write characters that are part of their times without being inaccessible or unsympathetic to a modern reader.

Janet is a war widow coping with three children; Paul is a bachelor who crossed her path years before. The first chapter of ‘Gold Star Wife’ is a bit daunting as I settled into the period, writing style and cast of characters. However by the middle of the book I found myself feeling almost as if I was reading the memoirs of real people, and I so yearned for Janet and Paul to find happiness with each other.

The obstacles that the characters face in the book are set in the shadow of the immediate post war years but are drawn on a more intimate and engrossing scale. Will Janet’s friends' match making plans bear fruit? Has Paul moved too quickly? How can Janet explain things to her children—the oldest still dealing with his father’s death? At every step love is shown as life’s greatest joy but not an instant solution to all its problems.

Heart warming but never cloying I found this authentic historical love story to be a welcome change from standard historical romances; I would recommend it highly to anyone seeking a romance story that is rewarding and charming but still intelligent and true to life.

RATING: 8/10

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