Friday, November 13, 2015

The Indie Writers Support Website

Cold Coffee Café Press has been sharing the information that The Indie Writers Support Website ( webmaster 'Judd Miller', allegedly has the legal name of Korede Abayomi.

Abayomi and is reported to be subject of a current arrest warrant. He is also the owner of highly questionable publisher ParaDon Books.

As such any authors who have shared credit card information with The Indie Writers Support Website may wish to take precautions, and possibly rethink maintaining author pages on this site.


Dale Day said...

Thanks very much for the warning.

Hope you share this with writing forums.

Anonymous said...

I would strongly advise writers to have nothing to do with Korede Abayomi (he also uses the names Judd Miller, Artis Reed, Celina Marka and Bolade Omo Niaja). His company ParaDon Books Publishing is nothing more than a PO Box number in Great Falls, Montana, yet he has issued press releases claiming that it's a large, well-funded concern founded by (non-existent) press mogul 'Richard Egland'. He even uses a photoshopped image to represent ParaDon's impressive HQ!

Anonymous said...

Let us also not forget his "amazon book club" and "readers books" sites which feature the one stop shop where you can pay for dozens of useless things like tweets, Facebook posts, a list of 850 book store names.... it boggles them mind, the red flags are all over the 4 plus sites.