Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Review of Under the Microscope by Jane Bennett Munro


Title: Murder Under the Microscope
Author: Jane Bennett Munro
Genre: Mystery
Price: $ 5.99 ebook/ $ 18.93 Paperback
Publisher: iuniverse.com
ISBN-10: 1450298621
Reviewed by: Erica Moulton

I love a good murder mystery.  Ones with twists and turns.  I know it is a good book if I am tempted to skip right to the end because I can't stand the suspense of who-did-it-and-why.  That is why I could not pass up an opportunity to review Murder Under the Microscope by Forensic Pathologist Jane Bennett Munro.
Dr. Munro's in depth knowledge of pathology and how a hospital functions is evident in the book.  The writing is thick with jargon related to the medical field and sometimes it was over my head.  Despite this, I did enjoy the book.  I thought it had a strong story line with just enough scandal to make it interesting but still keeping it plausible.  I do think that in the future, some research into how crimes are solved would be beneficial as I had a hard time buying that the police would involve a suspect as deeply as they involved Dr. Day (main character in the book). 
In the novel, Dr. Munro seemed to have infused two story lines together in one novel.  Building up to and solving the murder would have been satisfying enough to entertain the reader without the introduction of another complication of a blast from the past clouding the current storyline.  I would have preferred to have followed the storyline of the blast from the past in a separate novel.  Both story lines made for entertaining stories, just when together at times it was overwhelming to keep up with it all.  Sometimes less is more and with 418 pages in this one novel, the content could have easily been split into two. 
I am giving a rating of 6.5/10. 
Rating: 6.5/10

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