Sunday, December 01, 2013

REVIEW: Dogging

Title: Dogging -- the inside story of outdoor sexAuthor: Abby GoldGenre: Erotica?Price: $4.99 (ebook)Publisher: Spire PublishingISBN: B00AMSDBS8
Point of Sale: Amazon
Reviewed by: Psyche Skinner

Dogging is a relatively non-explicit set of stories from the world of people who meet for sex with strangers in outdoor areas.The book is humorous in sections, but most chapter also include someone being hurt by the activity, directly or indirectly.

The most frequent scenario being groups of men having sex with a woman either alone or with her boyfriend presence -- so I assume this is typical for the local scene.  The issue of safe sex is noticeably  from most of the stories and its consequences from all of them. A lot of the protagonists are fairly unpleasant and even those that are well-meaning are extremely flawed.

Overall this feels like a themed collection of short stories rather than a novel. the point of views range from male to female, good and bad experiences, cops, fiances, writers, tourists, sex-dolls, fantasies and dreams. Some stories are connected but most are not.  I suspect a slightly shorter collection with more connections might have had more overall impact.

This book is interesting and occasionally thought-provoking but still leaves one wondering what to think of short stories, acting like a documentary and packaged like a novel. Reading it was entertaining but I do not know who I would recommend this book to as, for all its interesting elements, it is not sexually titillating, not actually true, and not quite literary.

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