Monday, April 29, 2013

Review Scores

So, I just posted what was not exactly a glowing review.  So thought I would check out how positive or negative--in general--the POD review scores are.

And mostly they seem to skew pretty positive. 8/10 is the single most common rating, although I would note that is only one 9.5/10 and no 10/10s so far.


Chris Gerrib said...

I think it's important to note that we WANT to like the books we review. I at least turn down all kinds of stuff that just doesn't sound appealing.

Emily Veinglory said...

I might need to start skipping poetry books. I like poetry and have a shelf full. But with the self-published books I have had very little joy, in contrast to the novels I have reviewed which have been pretty good on the whole.

~Erica~ said...

I would love for someone with a pinch of the honesty we have as reviewers to read my book. It's what attracted me sugar coating! It's so much easier to write a good review than a bad review!

DED said...

That curve makes sense to me. If a book sounds unappealing, why agree to review it? You'll be predisposed to giving it a less favorable review and it'll seem like a chore. Who needs more chores? ;)

Now if you gave all the books you read 10/10, your readers might question your objectivity (like certain reviewers on Amazon). But that isn't a problem. We know we can come here for honest book reviews.