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Review of Pinned: A Kentucky True Crime Book by Charles W. Massie


Product Details

Title: Pinned: A Kentucky True Crime
Author: Charles W. Massie
Genre: Non-Fiction/ True Crime
Price: $8.99 (eBook) / $ 19.95 Paperback
Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc.
Reviewed by: Erica Moulton

I knew it had to happen eventually.  My first negative review.  I was really excited about this book, partly because of it being true crime and partly because of the subject being from upstate New York like myself.  It made it that much more disappointing that I really disliked this novel.

The author tells a very jaded tale of being scorned by a woman who he met on the internet.  Who he moved in with pretty much as soon as they met in person.  Neither party had a steady source of income or employment, both sound a bit selfish and they spent more time having sex than getting to know one another.  Odd that this relationship failed. 

The true crime aspect of the book stems from a possession of marijuana charge.  Of course, he is completely innocent and must have been set up by the woman who rejected him and ended up with his friend.  He wrote an entire book trying to shine a negative light on her, an innocent light on himself and point fingers at her for murder, for theft, for setting him up.  He claims the local police are in bed with her and helped set him up. 

The book is long (386 pages) but not filled with quality content.  A lot of the material should have been removed as it does not add to the storyline.  In one chapter, he prepares a spaghetti dinner and goes into detail about how he prepared it.  Right down to opening up a jar of Ragu sauce and what flavor it was.  It feels jumbled and unorganized.  He rehashes the same points several times throughout the book. 

There are several sex scenes in the book, which I’m not opposed to.  What I am opposed to is several sex scenes which are pretty much the same scene/actions over and over.  Of course, the scenes are wrote to suggest the two are rock stars in the bedroom with unending stamina.  Yawn. 

If you are very bitter about the loss of a love and feel that you have been set up by this person, then you may find some comfort in knowing you are not alone by reading this.  I, however, did not enjoy this book at all.  If I did not select this book to review and would have been reading as a personal selection, I doubt I would have finished it.  I do know for sure that in the event I ever find myself divorced, after reading this book I doubt I will ever place an online dating ad.  In the future, I will be sure that True Crime means more than just a possession charge as well.

I am giving a rating of 2/10 only because the author did take the time to write out such a lengthy book. 

Rating: 2/10

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