Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Review of Book One of Toxic Friendships Series: Red Haze by Adrian Lilly

Title: Red Haze
Author: Adrian Lilly
Genre: Mystery/ Paranormal
Price: $ .99 eBook (Amazon)
Reviewed by: Erica Moulton

Before reading Red Haze by Adrian Lilly I was not a fan of sororities or fraternities.  Hazing, pledging, Phi, Delta, Beta, rushing, Greek anything associated with trying to be accepted by a “popular” group has always been unappealing to me.  In all fairness, rarely do you see a bookworm in a sorority house.  Even a smoking hot one like myself.  At the end of this book, I felt even stronger distaste for the sister- and brotherhoods shenanigans.  If I have offended anyone yet, you might want to skip this book.

The book was predictable in my opinion- almost cliché.  Girl with jaded past begrudgingly pledges popular sorority led by raging bitch.  Prefers her down to earth yet unpopular roommate who is detested by the sorority.  Only pledging to appease mother and boyfriend.  Add in a few twists and turns with a few appearances of a ghostly figure and you have yourself Red Haze. 

The main character Marne was unlikable to me.  Very bitter, very flat.  Almost bratty at points.  I did really like supporting characters Sara and Curt.  I’d like to read a book that branches off with their lives following Red Haze. 

It’s not that I didn’t like Red Haze, I just wouldn’t put it in my Favorites of All Times roster.  Props to Lilly’s impressive vocabulary range, though.  For the first time I got use out of my Kindle’s feature that highlights and defines words that I was not familiar with.  I would suggest Lilly do another round of editing as I found several errors, including a character mix up during one scene.  I think the price he has set for this eBook is appropriate. 

I agree with the title of Lilly’s book series- Toxic Friendships.  Relationships of any kind can prove to be very toxic, I just think Lilly has it in him to be even more toxic than Red Haze was. 

Red Haze is available on Amazon and Smashwords for purchase. 

Rating: 5/10


Chris Gerrib said...

Nice first review! Welcome, from one POD-Peeper to another!

~Erica~ said...

Thank you! Very excited to be a POD Peep!