Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Hell to the No

I just received this email.  Bolding added by me.  I don't think I need to say any more.  Boggled. 


Simon & Schuster recently launched Archway Publishing as a new type of offering for self-publishing authors.  With services delivered by Author Solutions, Archway was developed to help authors achieve their publishing goals and reach their desired audience.  S&S has provided guidelines on book design, introduced certain unique self-publishing services, designed packages tailored to meet specific author objectives, and will monitor titles for potential acquisition. 

Your blog is an important resource to help authors navigate the variety of self-publishing options.  We believe Archway is a unique new service for authors, and would be valued by your readers.  The Archway Affiliate Program enables partners to earn a $100 bounty for each author they refer who publishes with Archway.  Click here to learn more about the affiliate program.  In addition, we’d like to extend to your audience a 10% discount off any Archway package, when referred though affiliate links on your site.  We can also create contests, webinars, and creative for your site, or discuss other ways to work together.

Please let me know if you have time for a brief call and visit to learn more about Archway.

Simon & Schuster
[Phone number]"


DED said...

A "$100 bounty"? Do they know how that sounds?

Anonymous said...

Bounty -- at least they're kinda honest.

emily said...

Dead or alive? Volunteers?