Sunday, October 14, 2012

A word about blog tours

If you wish to invite me to join a blog tour:

1) Offer me a copy of the book to review
2) Offer to provide content for established features of the blog (e.g. 'free book friday' or 'my story')
3) Do specify the date for posting that is a realistic time away if I need to do a review (i.e. a month)
4) Do specify what the post should include to fit in with the tour
5) Do explain why I would find this book interesting and this blog tour worth participating in

DO NOT (all these have occurred, recently)
1) Lead in by saying that I don't have to review the book.  If it is not interesting enough to review, it is probably not interesting enough to promote
2)  Offer me duplicate content that will appear on a dozen other blogs
3) Offer me a generic pre-written post saying your book is the best thing since bound pages
4) Suggest I fake a review without reading the book based on your promotional materials
5) Send follow up emails demanding to know why I haven't responded to your request.  No response was my response

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