Wednesday, September 12, 2012

REVIEW: Vertical Play by Laura Downing Root

Title: Vertical Play  
Author: Laura Downing Root
Genre: Sci Fi
Price: $15 paperback
Publisher: Dorrance      
Point of Sale: Dorrance
Reviewed by: Veinglory

Earth has set up trade with a peaceful alien race, the Himbians. This adds a lot of interest to Kim's job as an veterinary technician as alien animals become part of veterinary practice.

The world building in Vertical Play is mostly great, the main character and her work are entirely believable.  However this is a novel in search of a story.  It consists of largely a series of short anecdotes about patients in the clinic.  There is a lot of "telling" about the home life of every veterinarian and some slightly preachy opinions about subjects such as when you should euthanize an alien pet and ownership of exotics.

There are some inserts that deal with some people who don't like the aliens and are sabotaging the equipment they are using. But this side-story never really goes anywhere and Kim is mainly an on-looker to it. Vertical Play had many excellent qualities, but the lack of a central narrative prevented it from being a fun read. 


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