Tuesday, August 14, 2012

REVIEW Legal Problems

Title: Legal Problems
Author: TT Harris
Genre: Romance?
Price: $12.99/4.99
Publisher: TT Harris
ISBN: 978-0615640631
Point of Sale: Amazon
Read by: Emily Veinglory

For me, reading Legal Problems was a fairly unpleasant experience.  Basically we meet a young married couple. One spouse cheats and the marriage is destroyed. Let's be clear about one thing, this is not genre romance even thought it is listed in that category.

Possible spoilers, mouse over to read: Both main characters are also very unpleasant.  The affair that occurs is between a lawyer a client who was recently raped so brutally as to cause permanent internal damage.  So, terribly unethical lawyer as well as a terrible spouse.

Both characters seem poorly realized with one flipping from not even being able to comprehend same-sex sexual attraction, to have secretly always being on the down low. Both use very distasteful homophobic slurs and not just in the heat of the moment or early in the story. Nor is there any evidence of themes or explorations of the human conditions that would elevate this dreary tale to some position of literary merit.

 I certainly won't be reading the sequel. I am giving this book 2/10 because there are coherent sentences that do tell a story, just not one that I enjoyed reading.

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