Monday, July 09, 2012

My Story Interview: A House Divided Against Itself, by Bob O'Connor

Why did you choose to self-publish and what were your expectations?
I chose self-publishing after being rejected by every agent and publisher I sent a letter to.

Why did you select your specific self-publishing company?
 I did lots of research, asking authors who had published with Infinity Publishing. Then I also went to their author conference and talked to staff, their authors, and the speakers.

How is it going so far? Are you achieving your goals?
It is going great, but I work hard. I have done over 500 book presentations and signings since 2006, including 108 programs in 2011.

Tell us a bit about your latest release and what have you been doing to promote it?
 My latest book is an interesting historical fiction account based on a true story about four characters from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The story follows two brothers as they enlist and train--one in the Confederate army the other in the Union army. My promotions include programs at the Jennie Wade house in Gettysburg (she is one of the characters) and at sesquicentennial events throughout this year.

What advice would you give a person who has completed their manuscript and is considering self-publishing?
 It certainly is an option. It works for me, but may not work for them. What it does provide is control over your content and cover and ownership of your rights (at least from the company I use). They should ask one question to any author they meet: ask them, "If you were publishing another book, would you use the same publisher?" Most say no. I have published six books in a row with my publisher.


Bob O'Connor said...

Thanks for supporting in my virtual book tour. I appreciate it.

Jennifer Walker said...

Thank you for hosting Bob on his tour!