Thursday, November 11, 2010

Review: 9/11 Heartbreaker by Craig Staufenberg

Title: 9/11 Heartbreaker
Author: Craig Staufenberg
Genre: Comic
Price: $4.99/$2.99
Point of Sale: IndyPlanet/E-Junkie
Reviewed by: Veinglory
9/11 Heartbreaker is appealingly presented and easy to read.  It is 28-page comicbook that combines some thoughts about the events of 9/11 with a simple story about the meeting of the protagonist (female) and a young man who is collecting peoples stories of people's memories of the events of 9/11.  It is a pleasant enough read but ultimately I found that it's message was muted and somewhat undermined by the story's short length and internal contradictions. 

The reader is presented with a deeply personal account of an iconic American event, but from what must be a fictional point of view given the contrast between the writer and protagonist (for example, in race and gender).  Simultaneously a love interest is inserted into the story who in many ways resembles the author.  Thus 9/11 Heartbreaker seems simultaneously insightful and immature, empathetic and self-involved, revealing and deceptive.  This comic's virtues are ultimately, in my opinion, more in its texture and tone rather than its message or meaning--which while very well presented strike me as ultimately not of lasting interest.


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