Monday, July 27, 2009

FastPencil wants to help aspiring authors write and publish their books
From Digital Beat
July 15, 2009 Anthony Ha

The site is built around a social network of writers, editors, reviewers, and others; it offers a Guided Collaboration tool to help you find potential collaborators, chat with them, ask for feedback from others, and more. Other features include automatic chapter formatting and blog importing. Then, once the book is written, FastPencil can publish and distribute it for you, getting the book listed on Amazon, sold for the Kindle, and even stocked in brick-and-mortar bookstores. Read Full Article Here.


The article states that they can publish books at a much cheaper cost than Lulu, and of course, the mention of brick and mortar stores always seems to crop up in these start-up company profiles, but upon taking a closer look, it's the same ole cliche we have heard a million times. They make your title available through Ingram, like everyone else, though after the first year, their pricing page implies some sort of registration fee. Probably Lightening Source's $12.00 per year catalog fee, but who nows, it's not clear what the fee is for or what the fee is. Pricing packages are in line with most of the DIY sites like Lulu, and additional author services are available a-la-cart.

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