Wednesday, May 20, 2009

NECN: Ted McEnroe) - You're a brilliant author - but you just can't get published? Well, Scribd, an electronic repository for thousands upon thousands of documents, has flipped the switch on a new store that could be your e-publishing answer. At the new Scribd Store, authors can post their work, name a price for it, and if it sells, they'll keep 80 percent of the revenue.

It's similar to the so-called 'vanity publishing model, where people can self-publish their own books by submitting a manuscript, and letting the firm handle the physical publishing and distribution. In Scribd's case, there is no physical book for them to have to put together. You simply can post your work (and after assuring the site that you are the copyright holder), and sell it for a price you name as an e-book/article/manuscript.
Scribd also lets you set distribution rules, and lets you create versions that could be read on the Amazon Kindle or other devices. The New York Times and other publications are also sharing their thoughts today on the new store.
Of course, the site plans to keep its free documents repository going as well.
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Looks like Smashwords might have some competition. I only see good things in this; however, I really wish these sites didn't look so hokey. To me, they just scream self-publishing, and not in a good way. But then again, a lot of booksites look hokey to me. Come to think of it, the only booksite I like as far as web aesthetics is Barnes and Noble. Abe Books is good too. We always talk about presentation when it comes to self-published books, so I think this applies to the Indie bookselling websites, as well. Lulu might have its issues, but it is one the best DIY/self-publishing/bookselling sites out there as far as site design is concerned. -- c.anne.gardner

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lawrenceez said...

Thanks for the article. I've been having quite a struggle getting my stuff published (maybe I'm simply too impatient). It's good to know there are self-publishing avenues available.

This looks like a great website. Hope to be back soon.