Sunday, March 30, 2008

Remember that 'glitch' back in late January where all authorhouse 'buy links' on Amazon went missing? Takes on a rather different meaning in the light of recent events, don't you think? (As a recent comment on that post brought to my attention).

I just tried out my first purchase with Powells online. It was pretty straightforward. It lacks a little of the functionality and coverage of but I can live with it.


Floyd M. Orr said...

After checking Amazon more thoroughly, I found that all PA books prior to 3/17/08 have been removed from the in-house list. Other major brands are still listed. I wonder if a PA author or fan could place an order right now for one of those new releases and get it? If I was a PA author, that's something I would immediately do as a test.

You mentioned the past issue that affected iU and AH books. I bet there is a good chance that, one way or the other, the issue has already been settled from the corporate standpoint. One way to test this would be to order an iU book from several sources and see where it is shipped from. Remember that Amazon and iU reported that they had entered a special agreement with Amazon a while back that allows Amazon to display iU books as in stock without having to pay for them until they are ordered by the customer. Previous to that time, Amazon ordered from Ingram and paid for the books prior to selling them to a customer. This basically allowed Amazon to not pay for an iU book until Amazon had sold it. Now the iU author gets paid later for the retail sale, rather than earlier for the wholesale sale, and any iU author can track this change with his or her sales and royalty account posted by iU.

Shannon Yarbrough said...

Hmmm...I don't like Powells already. They didn't have my book. ;-(

I've been a fan of lately, and still source abebooks from time to time., and indie in Memphis, is a good one I try to throw business too as well.

shannon yarbrough said...

You had suggested Borders Beta over on the Lulu Review site. Did you know that is powered by Amazon? So, I'm sure Beta has some sort of connection as well. Dadnabit....there's no escape...eeeeek!

Emily Veinglory said...

I am waiting for the beta because it is meant to be powered in house by Borders, *not* by Amazon.