Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Anatomy of a Purchase: Cheryl Anne Gardner buys 'Freak' by Ron Sanders

1) Which self-published book did you purchase?
Freak by Ron Sanders

2) How did you come across it?
I had been following message board posts from this extremely knowledgeable and articulate author. His writing style and views on literature in general mirrored my own. This was his only book available on Amazon. I only purchase books that are made available on Amazon, and I read a great deal of self-pub (Indie as I like to call them) and small press releases. I love the thrill of the hunt for out-of-the-mainstream gems. There are quite a few. I am a voracious reader and can usually distinguish a gem within the first chapter, as a good writer knows how to hook his reader within the first few pages.

3) Did anything put you off the purchase?
No, not at all. The cover is fantastic and very professional, capturing the mood and feel of the story. He put a great deal of effort into the presentation of the work, not to mention the story itself.

4) What made you decide to buy the book?
Overall, after reading the preview, my interest was captured immediately. I was not at all disappointed. The book turned out to be a thrilling edge of your seat read. Loaded with, but not overdone, on the Social commentary. I love books with an underlying message. My review is posted on Amazon.

Sincerely, Cheryl Anne Gardner.

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