Friday, February 29, 2008

REVIEW: 'Homicide Insecticide' by Orthi Rabbane

Title: Homicide Insecticide
Author: Orthi Rabbane
Price: $12.50
Genre: Sci Fi
ISBN: 978-0-6151-8612-2
Publisher: Rayney Days Publishing
Point of Sale: Lulu

I admit I have a weakness for odd shape-shifters, so a teen girl were-mosquito was an auto-buy for me. The author of this work is apparently still in school so this will be to some extent a 'kid gloves' review with no empirical rating. So here, simply put, are the pros and cons.

Pros: Some of the passages were really brilliant, including--surprisingly enough--some dream sequences which I normally find too cliched. Some of the relationships were quite touching with convincing teen angst and the pregnancy of one of the partially-insect characters had real pathos. The overall concept has a wonderful originality to it, a kind of magical realisms meet YA paranormal. The ensemble of characters all had a lot of potential.

Cons: That said, some elements of the story seemed implausible and the overall plot seemed to lack direction. There were a few technical issue and awkward use of language. Flashes of brilliance were separated by pages of sometimes bland or confusing events, and the ending seemed anti-climactic.

Overall I would say this book provides ample evidence that Orthi Rabbane will be a wonderful author, but this book may be more a learning experience than a fait accompli.

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Thanks for the review! It was really helpful. I'm still trying to get better and your comments were really motivating. So thanks again!